1.  You have been scheduled for a CARDIAC EXERCISE TEST at Cardiology Associates on


_____________________________________________ at ____________________.


If there is a change in your condition, which may affect your ability to exercise, please check with your physician prior to your test. Allow one hour from the time you arrive for this study.


2.     Please bring comfortable walking shoes and loose fitting, short-sleeved clothing. Women should NOT wear one-piece items such as dresses or full slips.


3.     Continue taking your usual medications, unless otherwise instructed by your physician. If you take a beta blocker (Atenolol, Metoprolol, Tenormin, Toprol, Inderal), please do NOT take your morning dose.


4.     Have a light breakfast or lunch, preferably at least two hours prior to your test. DO NOT FAST. Abstain from the use of caffeine, alcohol, cold medications and smoking for 24 hours prior to your test.


5.     If you have been scheduled for a THALLIUM EXERCISE TEST, you will be with us for about one hour during which time an IV line will be started prior to your exercise. Prior to you stopping exercise, thallium will be injected through the IV line and you will have a series of pictures of your heart. You will then be free to leave for approximately two and one-half hours at which time you will have to return for another series of pictures. Please arrange your transportation accordingly.


6.     Please be aware that the facilities and the personnel of the Exercise Lab have been reserved for you. If you are unable to keep your appointment, please notify us 48 hours prior to your scheduled time. You may call us at 508-384-2500. Please also notify your physician of any cancellations.